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Kuwait Gypsum Manufacturing & Trading company Co. K.C.S.C.

The Kuwait Gypsum Manufacturing & Trading company Co. K.C.S.C.) was established in 1983. Our state of the art production facility at Mina Abdullah produces in excess of one hundred tons of calcined Gypsum powder per day. This material, Plaster of Paris, is used to make the extensive K-GYPS range of plaster based building boards, blended plasters and jointing materials.

We manufacture the widest range of plasterboards currently available in the Gulf region. K-GYPS products are sold throughout the middle East and have been used in many prestigious projects. When K-GYPS boards and accessories are used in accordance with our instructions it is possible to create a variety of high performance partitions, ceilings and wall linings.

Please ask your stockiest or call our technical department for the relevant leaflet. K-GYPS boards have to pass the most rigorous quality control inspections to ensure that our high standards are maintained. All K-GYPS plasterboards are made to the most exacting international standards and comply with BS(British Standard) 1230 Part 1:1985 Gypsum plasterboard DIN 18180 and ASTM (American Standard) C-36.

K-GYPS plasterboards are held in stock in a wide range of lengths, widths and thickness to ensure rapid deliveries. Our standard sizes are suitable for most situations but special thickness/length boards can be produced subject to minimum order quantities and slightly longer lead times.

Fire Protection

Plasterboard systems provide excellent fire resistance and are classified as a material of limited combustibility. When subjected to high temperatures the crystalline structure of the plaster core gives off water which tends to make it self extinguishing. Due to these factors BS 1230 plasterboards are designated Class O surface spread of flame.

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